18 December 2015

Pokemon Never Black & White English - 2016

Download Patched Pokemon Never Black and White English Rom

 Latest version (beta 1)
Updated on January 18 2016



Hack Name:
POKéMON NEVER Black & White
A little of basic information:
Base ROM: Ruby
Hack creator: SkOria (Joel Ricci)
Language: English

New graphics (3D style)
New world... NEVERMIND
New characters (Some friends, some rivals, and unknown people behind of you)
New events
Mysteries and riddles
A developed story before the first generation (POKéMON R/B) around 1980

Did you like Ruby version?. I hate this version, well now I hate it, so... why not a new Region?, with a new story line, new graphics, new things, events and scripts, missions, with mystery towns... Anyways, I've an objetive... give you a bit of fun!!

STORY: (No, you haven't to rescue your girlfriend of Dalkiamon, or something like that...)
Well, basically everything in the story is a big mystery. Then so, Ican't tell you more...
Just donwload the first beta, remember your past and make your own destiny

Well maybe in the future I will explain more of the argument...


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry, I don't do walkthroughs. You can check sites like GameFAQs for one.

  2. Replies
    1. I doubt it; still beta 1. But it hasn't been updated since 2009 so that's all you'll get...

  3. Its there possible for cheat of this rom??

    1. This game is based on Pokemon Ruby, so try those cheats.