12 July 2016

Pokemon Eclipse

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Latest version- Beta 1 (v0.11)

Updated on- July 12 2016

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Name: Pokemon Eclipse
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Christos
Progress: This version goes up to Wisteria Town, and four badges are obtainable


You're a young boy/girl living in Lapis Village, where your parents own a Mareep farm. Oak has visited your village and gifted Pokemon to a few people, including Anya, your childhood friend. After proving to your parents you're mature enough, they allow you to leave home to become a Pokemon Trainer. Your aim is to follow your father's footsteps and join the Ace Trainers, a division of the Devon Corporation of the Soala region. But to do so you must become a skilled Trainer, so you decided to take on the Pokemon League.
But the Soala region isn't very peaceful at the time. Wild pokemon are behaving strangely and violently for unknown reasons, and a gang of thieves is stirring up trouble in towns and cities. People are claiming they have been seeing mirages, or been trapped in illusions. Who is behind these incidents? Are they related? It's up to you to solve the mysteries!


  • Traverse the Soala region
  • The Dream World
  • All 721 Pokemon will be available
  • Gen 6 battle mechanics
  • Fairy type included
  • New TMs/HMs and Field Moves
  • Post-game side stories and side quests


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  1. Love the game man! Haven't gotten to the end but having so much fun so far. Was looking for a hack like this thanks man!

  2. Replies
    1. No, the current beta goes till the fourth gym

  3. Would you be able to update to the full version when it comes out on mobile emulators such as myboy and myoldboy??

    1. The creator has not mentioned if saves will be compatible with future releases.

  4. Replies
    1. The creator posted this-
      I'm afraid Eclipse is currently on hold, I have been and still will be very busy with university until next spring. I might still get to work on it, but any major releases will have to be after then.

  5. I am loving this game. very impressive hack cant wait to more to come for this. very very incredible story line

  6. Hi can give digimon games like pokemon

    1. If you're talking about Pokemon hacks with Digimon, check out Dark Rising: Worlds Collide and maybe Operation Digipedia.

    2. But there are some problems like digimon photo is not clear.and the digimons were face to me in world collide

  7. Hey Knuckle-San I'm stuck and can't find the item I need to get past the Sudowudo in the Oracle Forest to get to Iris Town for my second Gym Badge any Idea as to where it would or might be

    1. Sorry, I don't remember exactly. Is there an item similar to a Squirtbottle? Or maybe a flower shop where you can get one? If not, try asking on the Pokecommunity page.

  8. Best blog ever!!!!!! NO FUCKIN AD FLIES
    I appreciate your hard work and very happy that some legit and genuine peeps like you make Pokemon experience special

  9. Where should I go after defeating the first gym leader. I am stuck there.

    1. I think you're supposed to visit the library and get an HM. Have you done that?

  10. Is the full version for this hack released yet ?

    1. No. You can always check the Pokecommmunity page (link above) to make sure.

  11. Replies
    1. "Give the Pokémon Egg to Nate in Wisteria and he returns it to you after the tournament, hatched."

  12. Does the beta end after the 4th gym leader ?