15 July 2016

Pokemon Korosu

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Latest version- Completed Version (23 July Update)

Updated on- September 10 2016

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Name: Pokemon Korosu
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Crizzle
Related: Pokemon Outlaw


This is a story of a young lady who finds herself in a difficult situation. Her family has been killed and she has been kidnapped by a harsh, mafia-like criminal group and has been doomed into a life of human slavery. PredictablyEventually, she escapes(with some help) and she sets out for a quest to get revenge against those who have ruined her life.
The game will take place in two very familiar regions. At first it will take place in the Sevii Islands. The 2nd part it will take place in Kanto. Both are very different from their originals. The Sevii Islands have become unstable and nearly all of them are controlled by different criminal groups of varying degrees of strength. Kanto is affected by the events Pokemon Outlaw and is in a grim condition, much different from the Kanto we all know and love.


  • Story of revenge
  • Physical/Special/Status Split
  • Some Gen 4 - 6 Pokemon


Crizzle, Glasikino, diegoisawesome, FBI, Joexv, Spherical Ice, Mr. DollStreak, doesntknowhowtoplay, Jambo51, Darthatron, Kyledove, El Diabeetus, Rodriguezjames55, danny317, Dionen, Vendily, Supersoursky, Romancandle, Dream engine, Chaos Rush



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  1. Hey man, Crizzle made an update fixing the bugs people were finding, and it should be the final version now, you should put it up. Thanks for maintaining this site, it's appreciated.

    1. Thanks for the head's up. It should be up-to-date now.

    2. I can only get to three island

    3. ^ Please click on the source link above to ask the creator of this game. Or tell me what to ask and I'll post it there.

    4. Ask, how do i get to four island?

    5. Reply: Do you mean Floe island(where icefall cave is). If so, you get there by talking to the boat guy at kin island.

    6. This game was awsome! thanks for that nice gameplay!

  2. Replies
    1. "You're not supposed to find rock smash. You have an ally who may be able to help out with that rock."

  3. Uhhh... Can someone help me. I'm already in the 'league room' where outlaw is, and I accidentally turned my player sideward. And now I can't get to the original position cause the floor is slippery.

    1. I'm not sure how anybody can help you with that.. If you weren't meant to do that, I think the only thing you can do is revert to a previous save..
      You can try asking on Pokecommunity (link above) as the creator may be able to help you out.

  4. Any chance you can make this available for download from Google drive please. Looking forward to playing this. Great series! Thanks as always.

    1. Added. Mind telling me what problem you faced with the other links?

  5. do pokemon like graveler evolve in this game by trade or by levelling up?

    (Sorry for the same question on more pokemon hacks. You can still list me all the pokemon hacks which don't foresee trading, which i hate above all.)

  6. this is fake game because when i download the game the game is not open

    1. Make sure you're playing it on a GBA emulator. It seems to be working fine for me.

  7. I love the whole story of the game. One of my fav.Rom hacks.