Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pokemon Life - 2016

Download Patched Pokemon Life Version Rom

Latest version- Alpha 1.9

Updated on- August 2 2016

pokemon life version cover


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Name: Pokemon Life Version
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creators: Dionen, Tcoppy, Danny0317
Status: The Alpha ends when the Geisha tells you.


Yours is not an average, simple story; yours is a story spanning many dimensions of reality, exploring the very idea of life itself.
Generally, you consider your concepts of reality to be accurate...
They're not. Reality is unstable.
All you really know is that time is running and the Earth is spinning.
You are one in seven billion like you, but you are still different.
On your island, Nendios, you dream the same dream that all young trainers like yourself do -- to triumph over the Elite Four, conquering independence...
But there's more to the journey ahead than you could ever know.
Again, there are seven billion like you -- unfortunately, however, only a handful are as pure.
Many will try to manipulate you and anyone similarly pure; to use you to their own ends or even to simply impede your progress out of envy.
You must take heed of this. Life, the world, and the people within -- they are all unpredictable, despite what some may think.
Certainly, stride forth -- just be cautious.


  • A whole new region
  • Upgraded graphics
  • Animated pokemon sprites
  • Day and Night based events
  • Blue Crystals: They are your save points. You can't save anywhere you want anymore
  • Once you faint, you end (I hope you saved)
  • New side-quests
  • New Pokedex
  • Updated moves/abilities/P&S Split
  • B&W Music
  • Shiny rate increased


Dionen, Tcoppy, Danny0317, Jyohomson, Altariaking, Alucus, Boomxbig, Crazybuizel, Dark Sneasel, Dewitty, DoesntKnowHowToPlay, Epicday, FBI Agent, FalseFaTe, Flandre Scarlet, HackMew, Hydrargiruim, JPAN, Jyohomson, Kymotonian, Magiscarf, Minto-sama, Moontik, MrDollSteak, Nex, Polloron, Porto, PrimalDialga, Shiny Quagsire, Spaceemotion, Team Fail, Teh Blazer, TintjeMadelintje101, Touched, UltimoSpriter, UltraXTheMagmaDrapion, WesleyFG, Zein, daniilS, karatekid552, warox1994


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  1. I like this hack ... Is one of the bests that I see but how pokemon gaia , dont have updates T-T I like update in pokemon glazed too with more mega evolutions ....

    1. Yeah, hopefully Gaia will get updated soon. But the creator of Glazed has stopped rom hacking so no updates there.

    2. there is an update in glazed pokemon glazed reborn with z moves alola form mega evolutions

    3. Yeah, I heard about that. But it isn't by the creator of Glazed. I haven't seen the one with alolan forms though, do you have a link?

    4. Can you send me the update link to my gmail ?

    5. ^ No updates have been released as of yet.

  2. how much time we need to wait for the Fullversion ? Because the acutally version that i have ends before i can get the first badged.

    1. It will take a very long time... 2 years if it isn't discontinued is my guess.

  3. Me favorite pokemon hack. Congratulations and please finish it development!

  4. hey knuckles is this a new beta? did they add anything? Because it does say update August 2nd.

    1. No, that's just the date I updated this page. You can check the source link to see that the last update was on November 11th.

  5. How do can i find the flabebe in the beginning? im stuck

    1. This video may be helpful-

  6. I omplete the puzzle in ancient ruins, but nothing happen. what to do now ?? Hlp plz......

    1. Yeah, one of the "bugs" given by the creators is-
      "Solving the puzzle will result in nothing"

  7. Replies
    1. That's strange.. The creator mentioned that none of the evolutions have been changed so it should just be the same as FireRed..

  8. Where is the rest of tha game ? Why it end so quickly

    1. It's in alpha stage meaning it's just a small taste of how the game might turn out.

  9. Replies
    1. I'm not sure which Pokemon you're talking about but maybe they haven't been implemented yet- the game is still in alpha stage.