15 August 2016

Pokemon Valor

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Latest version- Beta 1.2

Updated on- August 15 2016

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Name: Pokemon Valor
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Pokemon Valor Team
Status: About 60% done


The story is set about 30 years after the events of Pokemon Red (or fire red). Starting in Port Fromage, the player just graduates Pokemon school when team rocket makes off with 10 new Pokemon that Professor Vine just discovered. These 10 are the missing 10 types of eeveelutions (poison, fighting, flying, etc). The player and Vine's apprentice need to travel through the various cities in the area, such as Mozzarella City and Feta Town, to get back the new discoveries, all while earning badges to be able to compete in the Pokemon league at the Gouda Plateau.


  • All new region and scripts
  • Gain XP when catching Pokemon
  • No badge-checks for HMs
  • No trade evolutions
  • Only Gen 1 Pokemon
  • Get running shoes and Fly early


Pokemon Valor Team


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  1. Is there a guide to this thing? Cuz if so, can someone please tell me.

  2. Got to fourth gym ant it sent me to another city feta to a hotel and once i got to the top to fight the owner of the hotel he wouldnt talk to me and cant find any way to continue not sure if thats all there is and its incomplete without even a worning or if it didnt download right but i also used a couple cheets and not sure if it messed with scrippting this is an amazing game but still would like more detail on why my eevee lost its abillity to evolve but it has a good storry line

  3. Replies
    1. There aren't many new hacks being released. If you know of any missing here, please suggest.

    2. Could you please upload pokemon lightning yellow? I can't find a version with a working save option...

    3. ^ Well there are many (I think 4) hacks with the exact same name, so I'm not sure which you're referring to. I've added 2 of them over on the main list page but neither of them have any significant progress.