11 September 2016

Pokemon Crystal Calm GBC

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Latest version- Final

Updated on- September 11 2016

pokemon crystal calm version

Important: This is a GBC hack.


Google Drive (Not available yet)


Name: Pokemon Crystal Calm Version
Hack of: Crystal
Language: English
Creator: CH666
Status: Complete but untested
Bug: Do not fight Bug catcher wade and fisher justin as it may freeze the game


This is a hack of Crystal version with greatly improved gameplay as compared to original.


  • Completable Pokedex
  • More Difficulty
  • Redesign of Cities and Towns(except Lavender Town in order to not Disturb the Dead)
  • Regular Trainers have 3 or Less than 3 pokemon which are stronger and more evolved except Jugglers and few Pokefans
  • Starters are Cubone,Vulpix and Lapras each holding Thick Club,Fire Stone or Lucky egg respectively
  • No trade evos
  • Better distribution of Pokemon

Extra Info

Route 29-Morning- Bulbasaur,chikorita,pikachu,tyrogue. Day- Charmander,Cyndaquil,Clefairy,Chansey. Night- Squirtle,Totodile,Eevee,Ditto. Route 30-(other than few regular pokemon)Spearow(Day),Ponyta(night). Slowpoke well(2)-(other than few regular pokemon) Omanyte,Kabuto. Ilex Forest-(other than few regular pokemon) Yanma and Hoppip(Day), Larvitar and Dratini(night). Route 34-(other than few regular pokemon) Mankey(Morning), Mareep(Day), Vulpix(night). Route 37-(other than few regular pokemon) Girafrig(Morning). Electabuzz,Forretres,Exeggcute(Day). Misdrevious,Murkrow,Houndour,Skarmory(night) Ecruiteak city(waters)-(other than few regular pokemon) Remoraid. Burned Tower-(other than few regular pokemon) Magmar. Ruins of Alph(outer)-(other than few regular pokemon) Aerodactyl. Silver Cave-(other than few regular pokemon)Tyranitar. ================================== In Game Trades: Artiuno-Lapras(violet city) Zapdos-Raichu(Goldenrod city) Moltres-Arcanine(Olivine city) Mewtwo-Ditto(Blackthorn city) Mew-Mr.Mime(Pewter city) Hitmontop-Cloyster(Route 14) Celebi-Slowking(Power Plant) ================================== Kadabra,Haunter,Machoke,Graveller,Scyther,Onix evolve at level 25. Slowbro to Slowking with Sunstone. Poliwhirl to Politoed level 30. Seadra at level 40. Porygon to porygon2 at level 30. ================================== Few hints: 1.Choose Lapras as starter for easier game(Advantage on Rival and useful Held item). 2.Train a Ditto as soon as possible to trade it for Mewtwo in Blackthorn. 3.A wild Larvitar may hold a useful Item.



Looking for something else? Check out the complete list here.


  1. Can you add Pokemon advanced adventure? I am sure its a gba hack

    1. It's already here. You can find it on the list page-

  2. can u make a ROM called POKEMON SHADOW STONE
    and Pokemon flaming grace

    1. There was a Shadow Stone which was never released. There's also a ShadowStone which isn't a rom hack-
      Flaming Grace is already on the list page-

  3. Can u make new Pokemon fire red hacks please and then send some to me

  4. I tried to go to the ILex Forest after I beat my rival and then it began to freeze on me.

    1. Try to get around the freeze point; I'm not sure what else you can do, sorry.

  5. I'm not sure if these are still being answered, but I've been playing this game for a good hour as of right now, and I still haven't encountered any pokemon other than Cyndaquil and Charmander in route 29 during the day. It's a wonderful game despite this, but I would really like to be able to complete the 'dex.

    1. I'm not sure what the problem is, sorry. The feature list does mention a completable Pokedex, but it's possible that the creator just forgot to add them in.
      The creator hasn't been online in forever, so contacting him looks to be futile. If you haven't already, maybe check out Pokemon Polished Crystal.

    2. Also, cubone starts with growl and tail whip.. you should add a move for him haha

    3. lol but I doubt this will ever get an update.

  6. Is there still a bug catching contest and if so are the prizes still the same

    1. There's no info on it being changed, so I'm guessing it's the same.