08 September 2016

Pokemon Cyan

Download Patched Pokemon Cyan Rom

Latest version- Beta 3

Updated on- September 8 2016

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Name: Pokemon Cyan
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Chrunch
Status: 7 gyms


Team Rocket was once a powerful force in Kanto, until one day, a boy named Red defeated them in their base - Silph Co. and went on to defeat their leader again in his GYM. The leader disappeared, and Team Rocket disappeared into the shadows... 3 years later, they attacked the region of Johto and took their radio tower, but again, a boy named Gold defeated them. The last of Team Rocket finally dissolved and the regions were peaceful once again... until now... Giovanni has come back and resurrected Team Rocket from the grave, and launched an attack on the region of Celia. Pokemon have been mysteriously disappearing from Celia, what's happening to them? What are team rocket doing with them?
It's your 12th birthday, meaning you're finally allowed to go on a Pokemon Journey, just like you've always wanted to! You get a Pokemon and head out to earn badges, become a Pokemon Master, and collect all the Pokemon in the Pokedex! Whilst travelling through the Celia archipelago, you stumble upon team rocket attempting to catch Regice, one of the the legendary regis! You soon discover their plans, and it's up to you, whether to join team rocket and help them achieve their goals, or help the regis and save Celia from their plan! What will YOU choose?...


  • Explore the tropical and exotic Celia archipelago
  • Many new Fakemon
  • Gen 4 & 5 Pokemon
  • Sidequests
  • New music
  • Decision-based storyline
  • New moves/abilities
  • Physical/Special Split
  • Updated Graphics


Chrunch, Smily Fakemon, Wichu, ORHplus, zein, WesleyFG, lalo0101, Javs, XDinky, Chaos Rush, Omega Zero, TheMarshlands, Truality, Manipulation, Icey, Spherical Ice, DrFuji, P-Sign, TheGreatZekro, Flodgypleb, linkandzelda, giradialkia, 11bayerf1, redriders180, Flandre Scarlet, cloudsoda, FBI Agent, reshilegend, Zerudez


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  1. Replies
    1. In-game saves work fine for me. Try changing your emulator's save type to Flash 128k.

  2. Is this game complete or will there be a beta 4?

    1. No, this game is still being worked on. I think beta 4 will be the final version, whenever it comes out.

  3. fishing makes the game freeze sometimes!

  4. Replies
    1. I found this-
      Expleetle (lvl 40), Ruffski (lvl 40), Dredrock (lvl 36), Ribivine (lvl 36), Sealob (lvl 28), Ribbing (lvl 28)

  5. knuckle san why is my ruffski did not evolve at lv 40 im sad if this is a bug but can you tell the developer or the creator about this really love this game and this site is wonderful

  6. Do you know when the next update will come for this rom hack?

    1. What's on the FAQ-
      Q. When will the beta/alpha come out?
      A. When it's done. Release dates aren't always going to be accurate.

  7. Save error and I changed my save type.

    1. This has been reported before and the creator answered-
      I'm afraid I can't help everyone with their emulator problems. You should be able to play Cyan on any GBA emulator but I can't provide support for them all. All I can suggest is to make sure your save type is set to (Flash) 128k.

  8. Save type error even though I set it to flash 128k

    1. Yes, many people have reported this. Apparently the error appears only on certain emulators. No fixes have been released yet.

  9. Is there a way to evolve trade pokemon like Kadabra?

    1. Someone (not the creator) mentioned that trade evolutions evolve through other methods such as level up, but I'm not sure.

  10. I'm stuck at 3 gym. The rival is IN the door, when I get there he exit, starts to talk and then all freeze

    1. Yeah, I've seen other people mention this as well. It seems you can solve this by loading an older save. I'm not sure if they mean in-game save or save states so try both.