11 August 2017

Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version

Download Patched Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Version Rom

Version: August 11, 2017 update

Updated: August 11, 2017

pokemon cosmic emerald


(August 11, 2017 Fix update)

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Useful Stuff

Pokemon Locations


Name: Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version
Type: GBA
Hack of: Emerald
Language: English


  • PRNG glitch has been fixed
  • All 386 Gen 1-3 Pokémon available
  • New Evo Stone that evolves Trade-Evo Pokémon
  • More Roaming Legendaries
  • Events based on Day/Night and game completion status
  • Events/Legendaries have signature themes
  • Mirage Island relevant for PokéDex completion
  • Day & Night System
  • Upgraded B/W Repel System
  • TMs are re-useable
  • Pokéballs are re-useable until capture
  • Pokémon receive EXP on captures
  • EVs cap at 252
  • Steeper difficulty curve
  • Running when indoors


pokemon cosmicemerald screenshot 1 pokemon cosmicemerald screenshot 2 pokemon cosmicemerald screenshot 3 pokemon cosmicemerald screenshot 4 pokemon cosmicemerald screenshot 5 pokemon cosmicemerald screenshot 6


Sky0fBlades, Banjora Marxvile, Beastly12817, BluRose, DizzyEgg, FamiliaWerneck, Gamer2020, HackMew, Jambo51, Jirachiwishmaker, Kleenexfeu, Kyledove, LU-HO, Mastermind-X, Prime-dialga, SabfromPC, The_Learner, ThomasWinwood, Wichu



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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Again, you can beat the game but more features will be added in the future (check the source link).

  2. Replies
    1. As mentioned above, you should be able to beat the game, but there are some features which are yet to be added.

  3. Tasteful change to the homepage though torterra all the way

    1. I'm not happy with how it turned out. I'll most probably be changing it again.

  4. Replies
    1. I'm not sure. Maybe try Lilycove and the Game Corner. You can ask the creator on PHO using the Source link above.

  5. Now wondering after I became the champion where my eon Ticket is?

    1. Special Event Tickets are available via unlocking Mystery Gift and finding the MG Receptionist upstairs in all Pokémon Centers.
      How to obtain them this time:
      Eon Ticket: Become the Hoenn League Champion
      AuroraTicket: Complete Hoenn PokéDex (Jirachi/Deoxys don't count)
      MysticTicket: Raikou, Entei and Suicune all defeated/fled from or captured (Like w/Crystal Version's Ho-oh, but more lenient)
      Old Sea Map: Roaming Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres defeated or captured

  6. What's mystery gift and how so I unlock? Lol sorry for all the questions

    1. I think if you beat the Hoenn League, you already unlocked the Eon ticket. Check the upstairs of a Pokemon Center and see if you get the ticket.

  7. As of now, is every Pokémon obtainable? I've just completed the main story and I'm wondering where every legendary is

    1. Please refer the source link. It says every Pokemon other than Jirachi is available now. Most legendaries are either in their regular place or they're mentioned in the Pokemon Locations document. The remaining are obtained through events with tickets.

  8. do u know the location of the 3 NPC in game trade that trades weddle, porygon and tangela

    1. They are in the same locations as in the normal Emerald.

      Also, there is now a newer locations guide (v.5/21/2017) that doesn't spoil the legendary locations as much as my earlier ones.

    2. Oh yeah also new Title Screen/Header with a nicer logo!

    3. well it looks like it is still the old location list in here from last month
      and i never traded in the old emerald so i don´t know where they are altho i did find the NPC that traded me weddle and the only trade i made in the original emerald was in the battle frontier skitty for meowth
      so it would be nice if the location list mentioned the location of these trades for those who might not have played the original emerald game :) but it is a grate hack so keep up the good work

    4. also the new tilesets that have been used makes this hack look evenmore amazing
      also the new title screen looks awsome
      there is tho one thing im wondering about its like its constantly night in the game :) even tho the emulator i uses suports real time clock or is it ment to be like that so the colors dose not switch with the time of day
      but again a amazing hack :)

    5. Updated the locations document.
      @Line You can refer the official page (Source link above) to get the latest documents, in case I forget to add them.
      @SkyOfBlades I apologize for adding your hack here without your permission, but I did my best to mention the credits and link to the official PHO thread. I was kind of counting on original hack creators, such as yourself, to never stumble upon this site.

    6. @Line - Thanks, and I will add the locations of those trades in a future release of the guide. As for the night-day thing, it is supposed to change colors for morning, then day, afternoon, twilight and evening (+ midnight). Make sure that your computer/device has its own internal clock set.

      @Knuckle San - It's alright, I actually like that you've included it here as it is helping to gather people towards the hack. The only thing I would prefer instead is if the download links went directly to the source, but I leave it up to you if you want to do that or not.

    7. my pc and emulater both suport it so i don´t know why it won´t changes is kinda frustrating since some legendarys can only be caught at specefik time of day

    8. @SkyOfBlades I wouldn't have any problem with that, but the whole point of my site is to provide pre-patched roms.
      @Line I just tested it on MyBoy, and changing my phone's time did in fact change the color. Which emulator are you using?

    9. mGBA i have been using that for quite a while

    10. @Knuckle San - Oh, that's alright then.

      @Line - I found this in a search for "mGBA emulator real time clock" in Google, hopefully it helps. If not, there are more search results with possible solutions: https://forums.mgba.io/archive/index.php?thread-731.html

      [I reposted this comment, since the format was weird earlier. Is there any way to edit these?]

    11. ^ Nope, no way to edit that I know of.

    12. thanks i check them later

    13. the problem is that autodetect witch should not be on can´t be removed and only leave real time clock checkt even when i use the methoed from the page u sendt me it won´t alow me to move autodetect so i don´t know what the problem is when i wona play the hack

    14. i decided to use VBA instead cos ended op completly ruening all of my emerald hack saves by trying to fix it but thanks for all the help i apriciate it ;)

    15. Does the day/night work now?

    16. year it dose but i am kinda frustrated all of my emerald hack saves got delited i had a lot of saves where i had caught all the pokemons and completed the games but s*** happens
      but atleast i know the games more less from one end to another so i should be able to completed them fearly quikly but it is still gona take a long time :)

  9. so just to be sure u can´t go to new marwille before the raiku event
    and when u say pokemon who already was catcheble in the original emerald will be the same places so plz tell me u chanced the way to catch feebas cos in the original emerald it could only be caught at one specefik tile by fishing cos otherwise it will be imposible to get it if u don´t know witch tile and in next update plz changes the way to get nosepass cos the only way to get it is by using rock smash in granite cave cos geodude can also be caugh by doing rock smash in granite cave to eventho its on the first floor and the top floor and increase the encounter rate for marwile in granite cave and for zangose on rute 114 other than that epic game i love it and i am enjoying playing it :)

  10. and that u have chanced the way of getting to mirages island cos in the original emerald it could only be accesed if a specefick pokemon on your team had som specefic numbers in ther id i mean :)

    1. Thanks for the compliments, and I'm glad you are enjoying the game.

      Yes, New Mauville is not accessible until the Raikou event, which currently requires a complete Hoenn Dex (this actually seems a bit too high of a requirement to me now, considering how much of a pain it is to do this... but it also will unlock many more events at once). I've been doing some research into the "caught count" though, and just might be able to lower the needed number.

      As for Feebas, it is still the same method right now, but I'll consider changing it. I still want it to be a challenge to find though, otherwise its (and Milotic's) uniqueness and rarity goes down.

      Nosepass: Since this one is not really that hard to obtain, I may leave it as is... but I may fine-tune it's encounter rate to be a little more common. However, doing that could effect it in the same way as with Feebas/Milotic. It's one of those special ones that could lose a lot of value by making it too easy to get.

      Mawile is not actually exclusive to Ruby, it's normally in Emerald too but only at Victory Road. Since this one is already obtainable, I left it in its original location. Now, since I like the idea of it being in locations like Granite Cave and Sky Pillar too (+Dusclops), I just might put it there too in the future. I do aim to keep Emerald's original Pokemon locations 'legit' though otherwise.

      Zangoose is normally not in Emerald however, so I wanted to keep its rarity somewhat intact. The exact chances of finding it on Route 114 in CosmicEmerald is 5%.

      And yes, Mirage Island seriously needed a better method of access, since in the originals it was nearly impossible. In CosmicEmerald, you can go there as long as you know when it is set to show up.

    2. im not qouite sure where mirages island exact location is but i know its close to pacifidlog town but aion´t sure where since i never maneges to find it in the original emerald and thanks for letting me know about marwile :)
      looks like im gona have big truble with finding feebas cos i have no idea about witch tile it is on since he was the only pokemon other than latias and dioxys and jirachi and bagon i never cought in my original emerald of the hoenn dex. :)
      and i find it completley okey u need to complete the hoenn dex to unlock thise events as long as it don´t require catching them all just seeing them :)
      oh year i noticed an item in meteor falls in an aria you normaly cant reach u see it when u cross the bridge maybe move it to another part of meteor falls :)
      and again thanks a lot for the answers and one amazing hack with amazing graficks it looks so good :)

    3. and i never managed to catch chimecho cos it is so rare at mt pyro

    4. Mirage Island is on Route 130, to the east/right of Pacifidlog Town. You should be able to see it by surfing straight across this place toward Route 129. I made it so that if M-I is visible, the weather on Route 130 will be foggy.

      Unfortunately about the PokéDex, it requires actually catching them since I currently have no clue where to find the functions that keep track of the 'Seen' entries, much less how to incorporate it into a script. I still may be able to reduce the required 'Caught' amount though.

      That item in Meteor Falls is actually accessible, but to get to it you will need to first use Waterfall to get to the deeper parts of the cave and use it on a second waterfall once you Surf back out through an exit on the right side. The second waterfall is at the place where the Lapras event is.

      Thanks again!

    5. thanks for the info about mirages island and how to get the item in meteor falls :)
      i love when people create amazing hacks :)

      one thing for sure feebas will be one demon to find sight :D

    6. Haha, great news! Please disregard The second paragraph from my last post about the PokéDex. Just now I was checking out the script Prof. Birch uses to rate PokéDex completion, and through toying around with it and testing things, I've not only discovered how to base events on exactly how many Pokémon were Caught, but I can even get it working for how many were Seen! Plus, I found out how to base it off of either the Hoenn Dex or National Dex. This opens up so many possibilities! :D

      Now, I might make it so that you will only need perhaps 150 Pokémon from the Hoenn Dex caught, so players don't have to level-grind every last Pokémon unless they actually want the Dex complete.

    7. awsome :) :D
      i guss this is one of the reasons why a lot of people use emerald as a base rom for hacks cos its not that hard to change stuff or to add stuff
      just like with fire red :)

    8. i have no idea if it is a bug or not but the second i became champion and finished the credits my whole save deleted itself and i where only missing like 7 maybe 8 pokemons to complet the hoenn dex and i had cought almost all the other pokemons that can be uptained before beating the league and i had put so many hours into this save :(

    9. That's probably because the emulator save type is not set to Flash 128k. Do you have a save state before the league?

    10. year it was becouse it was a wrong save type and no i deleted it all afterwards cos i got so upset about it

    11. Also, once the save-type is fixed, if it is giving you a white-screen when trying to load an older save then I have a tutorial I wrote that should help. Here: https://romhackersonline.com/showthread.php?t=15087-Tutorial-How-to-Fix-the-64K-Save-White-Screen-in-VBA-Without-Save-States

      However, it's written for the emulator VBA but I think it could still work for you if you need it.

  11. so another question when u wona evovlve slowpoke to slowking do u need both the kings rock and the link stone or not
    and when u wona evolve onix to steelix do u need bot the metal coat and the link stone
    and what about clampearl into huntail and gorebyss do u need the deepsea toth and deepsea scale and the link stone
    and with sedra to kingdra the dragon scale and the link stone
    or do they just need the link stone cos then i am a little baffeld with how u get both huntail and gorebyss unleas it depends on the time of day with those two

    1. For Slowking you only need the Link Stone, same with Steelix and Kingdra.

      For Clamperl's evolutions, it depends on its "personality" values, same method as Wurmple's.

    2. arh so thats how u do it thanks a lot for the answerd :)

  12. Is this games complete
    Yes or no
    And add more Pokemon in it

    1. It should be beatable but more features (and I think Jirachi) will be added in the future.

  13. Alright, I finally released another update with more features. Details are in the thread on PHO.

    No Jirachi yet, the map for it is kind of complicated to work on (and is very big, with puzzles and stuff; plus the story elements behind it), so bear with me guys.

    1. Sorry for the delay; I've updated the files here as well.
      Also, I understand that you're a mod at PHO and everything, but you should really consider making a thread at Pokecommunity as well.

    2. No problem!
      Yeah I decided to go ahead and make a thread there, but apparently I'll need to make several more screenshots of stuff and adjust a few things to fit the forum rules as well. Otherwise the thread won't even show up on the site. It will be on there soon.

  14. @SkyOfBlades
    i have a few sugestions for later updates nothing u need to do just think about them cos i know u wona keep this hack as close to the original u can but here they are

    1. be able to have both bikes so u don´t need to return to marwile again and again to switch between the two bikes.

    2. chance all names on pokemons and trainers to low case big begining letter rest small leters.

    3 )proably not gona happen, but if ur thinking about exspanding the pokedex then maybe thise would be posebileties)

    here gose add a few pokemon from forth gen witch is

    1. budew roselias pre evolution (breed roselia with ditto while roselia is holding the rose incense or catch budew instead of roselia and get budew to max happienes to evolve it into roselia)

    2. Roserade roselias evolution (use a sun stone to evolve roselia to roserade)

    3. hapiny chanseys pre evolution (breed blissay or chansey with ditto while holding a luck incense or catch it instead of chansey and then evolve it by max happines into chansey and then a sun stone to get chansey evolving into blissay)

    4. leafeon eevees grass evolution ( evolve eevee by lvl-up in petalburg woods)

    5 Gleacion Eevees ice evolution ( evolve eevee by lvl-up in shoal cave ice room)

    6. chingling chimechos pre evolution ( breed chimecho with ditto while chimecho holds a pure incense or catch chingling insttead of chimecho and the evolve into chimecho by getting max happines on chingling)

    7. weavile sneasels evolution (evolve sneasel with a moon stone)

    8. Hunchcrow murkrows evolution (evolve murkrow with moon stone)

    9. Mismagius misdreveus evolution (evolve misdreveus with moon stone)

    10. Gliscor gligars evolution (evolve gligar with moon stone)

    11. porygon Z porygon2 evolution (evolve porygon2 with plasma stone)

    12. Galade Kirlias male evolution (evolve kirlia with sun stone if male)

    13. Frosslas snorunts female evolution (evolve snorunt with sun stone if female)

    14. Rhyperior Rhydons evolution (evolve rhydon with plasma stone)

    15. magnezone magnetons evolution (evolve magneton with thunder stone)

    16. Electivire Electabuzz evolution (evolve electabuzz with thunder stone)

    17. Magmortar magmars evolution (evolve magmar with fire stone)

    18. Togekiss togetics evolution (evolve togetic with sun stone)

    19. dusknoir Duskclips evolution (evolve duskclips with plasma stone)

    20. yanmega yanmas evolution (lvl-up yanma to lvl 33 or learn ancinetpower + 1 lvl)

    21. mamoswine piloswines evolution (lvl-up piloswine to lvl 42 or learn ancinetpower + 1 lvl)

    22. lickylicky lickytunges evolution (lvl-up lickytunge to lvl 33 or learn rolleout + 1 lvl)

    23. tangrowth tangelas evolution (lvl-up tangela to lvl 33 or learn ancientpower + 1 lvl)

    24. ambipom aipoms evolution (lvl-up aipom to lvl 33 or learn dubbleslap + 1 lvl since duble hit is not a gen 1 to 3 move)

    25. bonsly sodowodos pre evolution (breed sodowodo with ditto while sodowodo is holding rock incense or catch bonsly instead of sodowodo and have mimic on bonsly to evolve into sodowodo at lvl 20.)

    26. mime jr. mr mimes pre evolution (breed mr mime with ditto while mr mime is holding odd incense or catch mime jr instead of mr mime and have mimic on mime jr to evolve to mr mime at lvl 20)

    27. munclax snorlax pre evolution (breed snorlax with ditto while snorlax is holding a full incense or catch munclax instead of snorlax and have max happiness on munclax to get snorlax)

    28. mantyke mantines pre evolution (breed mantine with ditto while mantine is holding wawe incense or catch mantyke instead of mantine and have remorade and mantyke in your party at the same time and evolve mantyke to mantyne at lvl 20)

    29. probopass nosepass evolution (evolve nosepass to probopass with eather a thunder stone or by lvl-up in new marwille)

    i hope u will think about it and even if it is not going to happen this pokemon hack is amazing and i love playing it so well made keep up your amazing work :) :)

  15. Is there a different story? Or is this the same as emerald?

    1. Same story. It's an improvement type hack.

  16. I want to catch the regi's..but the door won't open like in the original. I did all the stuff with the wailord and relicanth thingy so help me please

    1. Sorry, I'm not sure if the Regis were changed or not. You can either wait till SkyOfBlades visits this page again, or you can ask on the PHO thread (link above). There's also a Pokecommunity thread now.

    2. I didn't change any of the methods to obtain the Regi Trio, though I did change the look of their overworld sprites.

      Are you sure you are using the exact methods needed for Emerald? It differs from how it works in Ruby/Sapphire (ie. Wailord must be in Slot 1 of the party and Relicanth in Slot 6). If so, what part exactly are you stuck on? Is it the internal doors of the ruins or the external ones?

    3. Sorry for the late reply.
      Alright so after i did the thing with the wailord and relicanth thing..the part where you summon the regi's. I go to Regirock his place and there isn't an entrance. Same with Regiice and Registeel.

    4. So in short..the external ones as far as i know. I looked up tutorials on YT and i did it step for step and the ruins are still closed if that makes sense

  17. how to open entei and suicune event, and where to get kanto starter?

    1. RAIKOU = *EVENT* Meet Wattson after capturing 170+ Hoenn Pokémon
      ENTEI = *EVENT* Mt. Chimney's peak (Certain time of day, after capturing 170+ Hoenn Pokémon
      SUICUNE = *EVENT* Route 123 (Certain time of day, after capturing 170+ Hoenn Pokémon
      BULBASAUR = Faraway Island [Rare]
      CHARMANDER = Faraway Island [Rare]
      SQUIRTLE = Faraway Island [Rare]

      Check the Pokemon Locations list (link above).

    2. Meaning it might appear only in the daytime or nighttime. Make sure RTC (Real Time Clock) is enabled in your emulator.

    3. Already in day time but entei still in middle lava and cant be fight , then there is no sight about suicune in route 123 only can fight raikou

    4. @ "entei still in middle lava"

      Whoops, he wasn't supposed to be visible there. I just fixed it, so in the next release the player will not be able to see him without having to use a "Walk Through Walls" cheat code.

      As for when to get Entei, there are certain divisions of the day/night such as twilight, afternoon and morning. Try visiting at any of those times.

    5. Still cant fight entei maybe bug, and where the suicune cant found in route 123

    6. -*Spoilers Ahead*-
      Are you playing on the latest update and have met the PokéDex requirement? Entei is supposed to appear in the late afternoon (when the screen is reddish) and Suicune shows up at twilight (when it's purplish).

      Additional tip: make sure to completely explore the right-side of Mt. Chimney's summit. A script should run when you step on the right area.

    7. Iam download rom in pokemoner.com, then i already caught raikou , should be already requirment for catch suicune and entei to

    8. I am not sure why it is not working for you, as I have tested it myself many times. If you have met all requirements and everything, the only thing I can think of that could be happening is that either the game glitched itself somewhere randomly or the day/night effect is not working. Is the screen changing colors for you based on what time it is? Also what emulator are you using?

    9. The screen changing colors bases on the time , iam using my boy in my mobile

    10. That is strange, I don't have any idea why it may not be working if you have met the requirements. For your PokéDex, are you sure you have captured 170+ Hoenn Dex Pokémon and not mixed Kanto/National ones in with it?

  18. My hoenn dex is 172 then my national dex 203, then where the spot in route 123 to meet suicune is in river or in bridge, then where the spot in mountain to fight entei, maybe i wrong spot

    1. -*Spoilers Ahead*-

      To find Entei, go as far towards the upper-right corner of the summit as you can, where the lava is.

      For Suicune, just head south of Mt. Pyre and walk down the little path into the Route and you should get a cutscene, after which you should follow it to the deepest part of the Route where you will see it waiting for you on a pond.

    2. Ty for entei info i already caught entei, but still cant find suicune

    3. So even if you go there when the the screen is light-pink/purple (twilight), it still does not appear? That is strange, especially since you found Entei (which has the same requirements but different time of day).

    4. I already got mystic tiket and still didnt meet suicune lol, my pokedex suicune still empty

    5. The only other option I can think of is for you to send me a copy of your save file so I can try to figure out what is going on. If you can upload it via Dropbox, MediaFire or Google Drive (or any other reasonable file-sharing service) that would be good.

    6. Maybe yes, i should give my save data, to you , can i get your email

    7. It would be more secure to upload the file somewhere to download since it is probably a bad idea for me to openly post my email address. However, if you absolutely need to send it by email, I will see if I can make a temporary address but I cannot do it until later on today because of college.

    8. Oh, and you could even make a post to me on PHO or PokéCommunity in either thread I made in those forums and upload it as an attachment.

    9. Sorry late respon, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w8si4ngcjcb9h37/AADAFlX4xmMiTKrdWV83-8Ora?dl=0

    10. [Note: Changed my YouTube username, which changed my Google Account name that shows up here. If anyone is wondering, I'm Sky0fBlades]

      Ok, I found and fixed the problem. It turns out, the event flag was already set earlier in the game (it was one of the mail items in the TrickHouse). While making the hack, I had repurposed that flag as well as the other TrickHouse item flags in order to use them in my new events, since unused flags aren't very abundant in this game.

      To solve the problem with your save file, I just cleared that flag again so that the event will be accessible now. I guess this save file was already used on the original Emerald early on, and then switched over to CosmicEmerald.

      Here's the link to the fixed .SAV file, the Suicune event should work as intended now.


    11. Suicune event still not work lol

    12. Make sure your emulator is loading the right save file, and that you are going to Route 123 (surfing south of Mt. Pyre) during twilight hours (after 7pm, before 9pm).

  19. As an announcement, I encourage everyone interested in this ROM hack to see one of my latest posts in its thread on the Pokécommunity Forums. In summary, the next release will be much improved over the last one - and will also feature new events, music and changes to the PokéDex catch requirement system.

    Link to post #55 in thread: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=9845489&postcount=55

    I hope to have this release ready soon but I have an odd, sporadic schedule right now, so I will not give an exact date. All I can say is that it will be soon, and that it will indeed be released. Thanks for playing, everyone.