19 July 2017

Pokemon Cloud White 3

Download Patched Pokemon Cloud White 3 Rom

Version: v155

Updated: July 19, 2017

pokemon cloud white 3



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Name: Pokemon Cloud White 3
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


The scenario starts after the last event of Pokémon Cloud White 2. Be prepared to discover 3 new regions: Hoenn, Johto and Kaido Archipelago.


  • 3 Regions: Hoenn, Johto and Kaido Archipelago
  • 35 hours of gameplay
  • All Pokémon from Gen 1 to 7
  • All Primal Reversions and Mega Evolutions
  • Day & Night system
  • BW Repel System
  • 6th Gen EXP. catch system
  • New trainer sprites
  • Dollsteak patch
  • Berry & Honey trees
  • Customizable House

Extra Info

  • There may be bugs, so save frequently
  • You do not need to play Cloud White 1 first
  • Some Pokemon have not been added yet
  • Some events have note been added yet


pokemon cloud white 3 screenshot 1 pokemon cloud white 3 screenshot 2 pokemon cloud white 3 screenshot 3 pokemon cloud white 3 screenshot 4 pokemon cloud white 3 screenshot 5 pokemon cloud white 3 screenshot 6


Shogun, Arka 9, Mickey', Diegoisawesome, Doesntknowhowtoplay, Ledxil, Darthatron, JPAN



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  1. Is this game beatable? & do you have to play cloud white 2 first?

    1. The creator hasn't said anything, but it looks like it is beatable. He also mentioned that you don't need to play Cloud White 1 to play 2, but didn't say anything about 3. But since 2 and 3 released together, you might as well play 2 first.

  2. Hello I like pokemon rom hacks. My school blocked this website, so I use it at home. Are there any rom hacks with Zygarde besides Glazed Reborn?

    1. Theta Emerald EX has it, and probably a few others. But I don't think the forms have been done properly.

    2. Yea, my school blocked it too it sucks I really love this website. Also Roblox :D

    3. know, thats not nice, let him live his life the way he wants to...

  3. So this hack looks pretty promising, except for when all your pokemon faint; even though i visited the 1st pkmn centre, i sent to a roon stuck in the corner. Definitely a bug, can this br sent to the creator? Cheers

    1. Yeah, the creator knows about that bug, and is hopefully working on fixing it.

  4. his games is a bullshit. a lot of bugs. u cant die. when u catch a pokemon the game freezes. he should atleast fix it before making a part two. when you go to the other town it says pallet town. every town you visit is pallet town. and you are mother fucking outlevel by other trainers but u cant die because of the bug. just wtf.

  5. i mean before making a part 3. come on. you waste your time playing it and then you cant catch any pokemon because it will freeze. the storyline is weak. no proper shit where to go.

    1. I agree to an extent kyle, man, we just need to be patient and hopefully this will be fixed asap! Never had issues catching pokèmon myself though. Only dying

    2. so maybe im wrong? im fighting with weedle that time. and my pokemon will die if i aint gonna catch it. but when i catch it and it says added to the pokedex the game freezes -.- and my pokemon is dying. and i already saved there. what a dead end dude. so annoying. maybe only in weedle. didnt try to catch any pokemon since that happen xD

    3. Really hope this gets resolved asap

  6. Excuse me
    i want to ask something.
    before i patch the ups using tsukiyomi the ROM is 33 MB but after patch it went to 16mb.Is that right or was the 33mb already patched?
    Ty in advance

    1. What are you patching it onto? You're supposed to patch it onto a clean 16mb FireRed rom.

    2. Can i ask.The one that can be downloaded on this page is 33MB.Is it already patched.Can i just play immediately

    3. Yes, all the roms on this site are already patched and ready-to-play. There's no need for patching.

    4. Im really apperciated you answering me and i want to ask 1 more question.Does it really go more than 1 region

    5. Yes, it does. But since it just released, there are a lot of bugs/glitches. You should play the first Cloud White before this if you haven't already.

    6. Is the storyline different?
      but i will heed your advice.i just finish my contracted job and the next one will take a month before i even start again

    7. Yes, it has a different story, and it too has 3 regions. Don't play Cloud White 2 or 3 until most of the bugs get fixed. If you're new to rom hacks, you should check out Glazed and Light Platinum as well.

    8. Well im already 25 years old.i even see the very first pokemon episode aired when i was a kid.But i will check it

  7. Is it just me or does catching freeze the game ? Bug ?

    1. Catching in general, or only for a specific Pokemon?
      The current versions of Cloud White 2 and 3 are filled with bugs, so I'd recommend waiting for a while. But if you do continue playing, I'd suggest reporting any bugs you find directly to the creator (using the Pokecommmunity link from above).

  8. Do you know when you are going to add the update for this game? They just updated it on Thursday in case you didn't see it yet.

    1. This is the most up-to-date​ version, v150. At the top of the post, I usually write the date when I upload a new update.

    2. This version isnt playable which is sad

  9. Could not be more diapionted when i was whiped out i was put in a wall i could not escape i would love to play looks amazing but too buggy to be playable please fix asap

  10. What parts were updated/modified in the latest version ?

    1. - OAK intro. background palette edited
      - Missing item created
      - item Price updated
      - Max mount of Money updated

      Back 152

      - TM /HM learnset edited for gen 7

      Back 153

      - Description are done for items
      - Item sprites edited

      Back 154

      - Mega evolutions learnset fixed
      - Diancie Moveset fixed
      - Lopunny fixed
      - Mega evolutions TM/HM moveset fixed
      - Audino fixed
      - Abomasnow fixed
      - Garchomp fixed
      - Lucario fixed

      Back 155

      - Pokécenter glitch after defeat in battle is fixed (?)

    2. Thanks Knuckle San,
      To avoid error, don't be defeated then..

  11. Replies
    1. Nope. I think he tried, but was unsuccessful.