Fakemon Rom Hack List

Fakemon Rom Hacks List

A list of Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks with Fakemon.

Please help improve this list! If you know of a game with Fakemon that isn't listed or if there is a hack that doesn't belong here, please let me know in the comments.

Note: This list is far from complete. These are just the hacks I could think of off the top of my head. Let me know what's missing.

  • Pokemon Amaryllis >>>
  • Pokemon Battle Fire >>>
  • Pokemon Chaos Black (v3.1 Fixed) GD
  • Pokemon Clover >>>
  • Pokemon Cyan >>>
  • Pokemon Digimon FireRed (v1) GD
  • Pokemon Digimon: Operation Digipedia (Alpha) GD
  • Pokemon Dragon Ball Z: Team Training >>>
  • Pokemon Flame Fakemon (Completed) GD
  • Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back >>>
  • Pokemon Jupiter (v6) GD
  • Pokemon Moemon Revival Project {FireRed} (v2.0 09-11-16) GD
  • Pokemon Order and Chaos >>>
  • Pokemon Quartz (Completed) GD
  • Pokemon Sienna >>>
  • Pokemon Snakewood >>>
  • Pokemon Sweet Version >>>
  • Pokemon Sweet 2th >>>
  • Pokemon Topaz >>>
  • Pokemon Touhoumon Another World (v1.51+) GD
  • Pokemon Vega >>>

Find the complete list here.


  1. pokemon quartz also have fakemoon but its missing on the list

    1. Forgot about that one; I've added it now.

  2. and pokemon flame fakemon is in the title of the hack and maybe also the two pokemon hack with digimon know it is not exactly fakemon but it is not exactly pokemon eather and im pritty sure there is a emerald hack with moemon too on the completed list

    1. Flame Fakemon is in Spanish; maybe I'll add it when I convert this to the new list style. And yeah, there are many Moemon hacks missing from here which I'll add soon.

    2. actuarly it is in english it is only the intrudoction thats in spanish the rest is in english exept the types but the rest is

    3. and u have jupitor two times on the list

    4. Thanks for letting me know; I've added it. Also fixed the duplicate entry.

  3. can u make a post for moon emerald so u can read the information about the game by clicking on it :)

    1. Done. While searching for the information, I found that a later version had already been released. So thanks for the head's up!

    2. no problem just lending a hand so u can continue ur amazing work such it is easey for us to find and play or favrit pokemon hack :)

  4. add some more plz
    I already played maximum of the list

  5. Hi, Knuckle San
    Your site is awesome.
    I'm new to GBA gaming and just finished Ruby and Fire Red . And suddenly i came to know about POKEMON FANMADE HACKS. And these are amazing . I've started playing few from your site .

    There is one request...
    Can you name some GBA hacks where the pokemon follows the player out of the pokeball(like pikachu does in yellow version) ?

    You are doing great...😄😄😄

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback!
      Unfortunately, since it's very hard to do, no hack has that feature done properly. The closest ones you'll get are Adventure Red Chapter and AshGray.

    2. Thank you Knuckle San
      I'll surely try them..
      Can you suggest me the best GBA rom hack present in your site...that will be great . Because some i downloaded are not going well...suggest the best rom according to you .
      Thank u.....��

    3. Since you're just starting out, play Glazed or Light Platinum; they're both great games.

  6. do u have any idea about if the creator of pokemon digimon fire red v1 has stoped working on it or if pokemon digimon fire red v2 is still en development :)

    and do u know if the creator of fire red 800 is ever gona be fixed cos it crashes if u catch zygard10 procent before completing the league and why cosmog or cosmoem dose not evolve into lunala or solgaleo and if cordego 0 is ever gona get its real name type null :)

    1. The creator of Digimon FireRed hasn't said anything for 11 months, so I'm not sure.
      FireRed 800 is a rombase, meaning you're not actually supposed to play it by itself. Other hacks are supposed to use that as a starting point, and then make a proper game

  7. Pokemon Xenoverse and Pokemon obidian

    1. I've adde them to the Fan Games List.

  8. Pokemon ruby destiny life of guardian have some fakemon too